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Hippo sulfite's Toyota C-HR

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Toyota C-HR Blanc Lunaire Collection

Toyota C-HR
Hybrid 140
Blanc Lunaire

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Initial delivery period of 5 months

Hippo sulfite had chosen the Toyota C-HR, a highly sought-after model, on 08/01/2024. At the time of purchase, he was given a delivery date of 01/06/2024. This represented an initial delivery period of five months, a duration quite typical for such a vehicle 👍

A delivery perfectly on time !

This timeframe could raise questions among future buyers about Toyota's delivery schedule management, especially for a model as popular as the C-HR. Fortunately, Hippo sulfite's experience can provide reassurance on this point. Toyota handled it well 👍

In fact, Hippo sulfite waited 5 months

Hippo sulfite ordered their Toyota C-HR in France  France on 08/01/2024. At the time of their order, the initially announced delivery date was 01/06/2024, which was an initial delivery time of 5 months. In the end, Hippo sulfite took possession of the vehicle on 05/06/2024, which resulted in a waiting time of 5 months.

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on 26/04/2024
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