« Delais » in french means « Timeframes », not « Delayed ». I hope that the delivery of your new car won't be « delayed » ! This participatory website displays statistical data based on participant reports. Contact your dealership for official delivery times.

Tracking of delivery times for new cars

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Compare your delivery times !

Welcome to this participatory website for tracking the delivery times of new cars. Have you placed an order and want to know how it compares to similar orders ? Join us and share the average delivery times you have experienced after ordering your new car. Delais.fr helps you pass the time by sharing your experiences !

future owners (im)patiently 😉
sharing their order tracking !

The most tracked models in the last 3 months

Peugeot 208Peugeot 208
⏱️ ± 4 to 9 months
as per the
1202 participants
⏱️ ± 8 to 13 months
as per the
462 participants
Citroën ë-C3Citroën ë-C3
⏱️ ± 6 months
as per the
187 participants
Peugeot 3008Peugeot 3008
⏱️ ± 4 to 7 months
as per the
687 participants
Renault Scenic E-TechRenault Scenic E-Tech
⏱️ ± 4 to 6 months
as per the
123 participants
Škoda Enyaq iVŠkoda Enyaq iV
⏱️ ± 6 to 8 months
as per the
202 participants
Dacia DusterDacia Duster
⏱️ ± 5 to 14 months
as per the
481 participants
Peugeot 2008Peugeot 2008
⏱️ ± 4 to 16 months
as per the
971 participants
Dacia SanderoDacia Sandero
⏱️ ± 3 to 13 months
as per the
515 participants
Kia SportageKia Sportage
⏱️ ± 5 to 10 months
as per the
347 participants

Average observed delivery times

Here is the quarterly evolution of the average expected waiting time at the time of order placement for all models combined, compared to the average actual observed time among participants on this site.

ℹ️ How to read this chart ?
For example, among the participants of this site, for vehicles ordered in the 4th quarter 2021, the average expected delivery time for an order was around 5 months, whereas the actual observed time to receive the vehicle was around 8 months. To make the panel more representative, the statistic for the observed delivery time is displayed only for vehicles that have been actually delivered, starting from a threshold of 30%.

Deliveries for the last 6 months

Here is the breakdown of the average waiting time between the date of order and the actual delivery date observed for vehicles delivered during the last 6 months, among the participants of this site.

ℹ️ How to read this chart ?
Among the participants of this website, 44.4% of the vehicles delivered in the last 6 months were ordered 3 to 6 months (between janvier 2024 and avril 2024).

New participants

06h03 : Kev29 for its Topolino  France ordered 1 months ago
04h34 : antonysig for its X1  Greece ordered on 08/07/2024
00h43 : Nat j for its Berlingo  United Kingdom ordered 2 months ago
23h58 : Aurel for its Yaris Cross  France ordered 4 months ago
23h36 : CelticCala18... for its EQA  United Kingdom ordered on 24/06/2024
22h07 : sling for its Corolla Cross  France ordered 17 months ago
19h09 : Malotru64 for its Duster  France ordered 3 months ago
19h04 : F11jac for its Fabia  France ordered 2 months ago
18h44 : Jeep for its Duster  France ordered 4 months ago
16h55 : EMMA for its Golf  Germany ordered on 29/06/2024

Latest updates

07h16 : pascal chate... for its Multivan  France  delivered in 17 months 😃 
00h00 : Aurel for its Yaris Cross  France ordered 4 months ago
23h32 : Evw for its 3008  United Kingdom  delivered in 3 months 😃 
22h17 : papou76 for its Captur  France ordered 1 months ago
22h06 : GziAzman for its 208  France  delivered in 5 months 😃 
22h03 : 1001001 for its Arkana  Poland  delivered in 5 months 😃 
21h26 : Phil for its 3008  France  delivered in 3 months 😃 
21h04 : BBFI for its X1  France  delivered in 9 months 😃 
20h18 : Arlac for its A3 Sportback  Belgium  delivered in 1 months 😃 
20h05 : Kanon for its Rafale  France  delivered in 3 months 😃 

Latest vehicles photographed

When you share information about your order, I give you the option to add a photo of your brand new vehicle once you have it in your hands 🤩 For our greatest pleasure, here are the latest photos shared by participants who have recently taken delivery of their vehicle. A big thank you for your participation and for sharing !

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