« Delais » in french means « Timeframes », not « Delayed ». I hope that the delivery of your new car won't be « delayed » ! This participatory website displays statistical data based on participant reports. Contact your dealership for official delivery times.

Tracking of delivery times for new cars

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are the delivery times so long ?

🕝Due to the current crises affecting the planet, many hiccups have disrupted an automotive industry that was previously well-oiled. The constant evolution of tensions encountered throughout the process of manufacturing new cars has led to an increase in costs and production delays, thus disrupting the initial estimates provided at the time of ordering the vehicle. And when it is finally manufactured, patience is also required for its transportation to the dealership, with a shortage of truck drivers that does not improve matters...! All manufacturers are affected. One thing is certain, once your vehicle arrives at the dealership, impatience gives way to pleasure. 🥰

Can I cancel the order for my new car ?

📝I will not venture into legal considerations, but the current situation is ambiguous in more ways than one. Indeed, the sales contract you signed with your dealer provides for a maximum delivery time or an ultimate delivery date. Once this deadline or date is reached, you would be able to invoke breach of contract. When this situation occurs, the dealer, depending on the contract you signed, may however argue that they are facing a force majeure event, resulting in an extension of the expected deadline and a financial penalty if you maintain the cancellation of your order. However, since the widespread shortage of vehicles, dealers know that a canceled vehicle will quickly find a buyer. Therefore, ask yourself the question of cancellation if you already have a plan B or another vehicle in mind to replace this order that is missing.

What are the usual timeframes ?

🗓️Before 2020, it generally took between 2 and 4 months to take delivery of a new car ordered to spec. Since the outbreak of the infamous virus, the entire industry has been impacted globally. Thus, a delivery time of less than 6 months is now considered very good. Unthinkable before, it is now not uncommon to see delays of more than a year. Since the beginning of 2022, there have even been reports of delays of up to 2 years. Are you in a waiting situation? Stay strong! 😉

How does Delais.fr help me to wait ?

You have been waiting for your vehicle for several months now and your dedicated dealership is at a loss every time you ask about the expected delivery time of your order? I created the website Delais.fr so that we can all share the status of our new car orders. This allows us to compare ourselves with similar orders and exchange information with other participants about the latest information gathered from dealerships.

Why am I no longer appearing in the statistics ?

🔎It's possible that you no longer appear in the statistics for several reasons. The main reason being that you haven't updated your status despite the automatic reminders that I have sent you by email. Don't worry, your data is still in the system, but you simply need to indicate via your personal link that you are still waiting for your order. Have you lost your personal link? You can retrieve it ➡️ on this page or contact me to have it sent to you again! Another reason why you may no longer appear in the statistics is that the email address you provided is incorrect: when I receive error messages (such as non-existent mailboxes), I delete your information. Thank you for your participation! 👍

If you have another question, comment or suggestion, please do not hesitate to contact me at alex@delais.fr !
🇬🇧 The English version of the website is under development, please excuse me if you encounter some bugs, please let me know at by mail so that I can fix them ! 👍

The most tracked models in the last 3 months

⏱️ ± 10 to 12 months
as per the
437 participants
Peugeot 208Peugeot 208
⏱️ ± 3 to 17 months
as per the
1141 participants
Renault ClioRenault Clio
⏱️ ± 3 to 8 months
as per the
273 participants
Peugeot 2008Peugeot 2008
⏱️ ± 4 to 20 months
as per the
927 participants
Honda CivicHonda Civic
⏱️ ± 6 to 17 months
as per the
265 participants
Kia SportageKia Sportage
⏱️ ± 5 to 12 months
as per the
320 participants
Dacia JoggerDacia Jogger
⏱️ ± 5 to 13 months
as per the
422 participants
Toyota Yaris CrossToyota Yaris Cross
⏱️ ± 4 to 11 months
as per the
228 participants
Renault Megane E-TechRenault Megane E-Tech
⏱️ ± 3 months
as per the
290 participants
MG 4MG 4
⏱️ ± 4 to 13 months
as per the
1091 participants
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